Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Katarina's Sex-Exercise

Do you know what SCORE editors love? We love to see busty chicks walking and jogging in tight tops. But not so tight that their big boobs don't fall out of their shirts and go flying in all directions. Katarina came out to train on the grand lawn of a castle our staff shacked up in for a week. We instructed Katarina to stretch and work out her kinks. After all, a girl like her has to stay in shape and not get fat and jiggly in the wrong places. (She does have permission to get fat and gain weight ONLY in her tits.) Then she was instructed to work-out her tits. These training exercises also included nipple fitness. You see, nipple training stimulates the Perfect Fake Tits of the brain chemical oxytocin, a pleasure hormone that's also released during orgasm and pregnancy. Simply put, it sends women into outer space. As a final training tool, Katarina was handed a B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend). She masturbated frantically and loudly with it, giving her pussy muscles a healthy workout similar to Kegel exercises. What guy wouldn't want his bedroom adjoining Katarina's bedroom if he lived in the same apartment building. She had one hell of a shatter-the-window orgasm!